Studio Exterior Before + After

studio-sketch-afterI’m so excited that the studio is finished! The inside is still a work in progress in terms of organising so I thought I’d share some photos of the outside alongside some pics of how it looked when we first bough the house in July. (There will be pics to follow of the inside too so if you’re interested keep an eye out for that post.) The inside was the biggest transformation in terms of turning the space from a big shed into a work area so I’m excited to share those soon. Anyway back to the exterior…this is the before…studio-exterior-beforestudio-after-full…And the after! When we first moved in the studio was hidden behind a mound of greenery. Unfortunately a large area of the door and window were blocked so we had to dig up a tree and cut everything way back. (The above pic was when we viewed the house and the below was how much the garden grew in the time in took for us to buy it!) Digging up the tree turned out to be the best decision as there is so much light now and its nice looking out over the garden and seeing the typical illustrator fashion I drew the top sketch as my dream for the exterior – I knew I wanted to make a big change to the wood work, it was peeling away in places and the colour was not to my taste. I also wasn’t keen on the large blocks of wood so we opted for wooden horizontal slats and I’m really pleased with how much of an improvement they added to the exterior. The large bird house was originally on the back of the studio which was lovely as you could see it from the studio windows but we decided it was such a beautiful feature to move it to the front. It didn’t go at the top as that thing weighs a ton(!) but I really like how its on the side as it makes it feel a little off balance but in a good way. The idea for the window box was to put flowers in to add colour and life to the front but also so that they are visible from the studio looking out. I haven’t quite decided what to put in there yet so that’s on the list of things to do. We had the main minty green paint custom mixed with a Valspar formula and I love how it looks against the grey. I think the white accents of the window and door really help to pull it all together. We’re all about grey with our home renovations it’s a struggle to pick any other colour! The scallop edging was created with a couple of leftover wooden slats that I drew onto and was cut around. It’s very twee and does have the feel of a giant wendy house but looking out from the house and seeing how it brightens up the garden and gives it character makes me happy. I can’t wait to see it in the Spring/Summer next year when the rest of the garden is looking better (read: has grass, less rubbish.) There are a few things I want to do to complete the area around it like paint the (ugly) washing post the same mint colour so it blends better but other than the little things its pretty done!studio-after-portraitThe final little details are the hand illustrated window that I created on a whim (it’s hard to see in most pics) when I was procrastinating that I’ve now decided I’m going to change up into a seasonal window to keep it fresh and the table and chair area in front of the studio. We haven’t yet put down paving stones to make this a proper seating area but I think maybe it doesn’t need it. What do you think? The pic below right is the window at night time. I hand-drew directly onto the glass with a Posca paint pen, it was SO much hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my new work area, I’m so pleased with it and so excited about working in here, I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave! A HUGE thank you to Tudor for all his amazing work with transforming this space and for his patience with my silly questions and to Christophe too for letting me have this area of our home as my little creative haven :)

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