Romania travel sketchbook

Sketchbook2The last few weeks have been busy: travelling to Romania for my brothers wedding, moving to our first home and chasing deadlines surrounded by unpacked boxes (and accompanied by endless cups of coffee whilst listening to rediscovered old mix-tapes!)

Whilst in Romania I managed to sneak away lots of time to fill my favourite sketchbook (a moleskin) with some travel drawings.Sketchbook3

Sketchbook7I decided to stick to a theme of black and white line drawings and focus on line and pattern. There were lots more drawings I would have liked to do especially of the interior and exterior of where the service was held – the artwork adorning the church walls was stunning. Above right is a snippet.Sketchbook6It was really fun going back to working in a sketchbook. Nowadays everything I draw is on loose sheets of paper which makes it easier to scan. I draw small elements that I then piece together in Photoshop so it was nice to draw full compositions.Sketchbook8I hope you enjoyed having a peek inside my sketchbook!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    Your work is stunning! Nice to see your illustrations develop loving the black and white. Well done, Love Maxine Nichols x

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