Our first home, two months in

two-months-inThis month I’ve started feeling more settled in our new house. Some of the initial stress and overwhelming feelings are starting to subside and I’m feeling more relaxed and remembering all the factors of the house we fell in love with. I feel lucky that we found this house and the excitement is building again with all the possibilities it will bring.

Something that has definitely got the excitement building has been the studio renovation. I’ve just been looking at the ‘before,’ photo’s on my camera I took and even within a month it’s easy to forget where you started. That’s why I wanted to start this blog series – to keep in check the progress and as a reminder of where we began. It makes me feel more grateful and less complacent. I am SO grateful that I will soon have my very own studio! In the past I’ve worked from spaces within my current home. I’ve never worked for a long period of time out of the house, even though it’s only down the end of the garden it feels like such a luxury! I think it will really help my motivation, I’m already planning new creative adventures and projects and looking forward to starting a new routine.

There’s been great progress with the studio, it has been insulated, has new walls, been painted, electrics are working and spotlights have been put in alongside a low hanging main light. The wood burner has it’s own little wall nook, wooden flooring has been laid and it’s looking so good. My sister in laws brother has been doing the work and he’s been incredible! I’m planning a blog post of before & after photo’s so if you’re interested stop by soon to check it out :)

Next up is painting the outside: the tiles, wood and door. The dove house is also having a coat of paint. Internet and a phone line are being installed, it’s all coming together and should be done very, very soon!

In other house progress we have also plaster boarded up a door in the front room that wasn’t in use, it’s made a difference to the hallway and will allow more sofa space in our living room and more importantly more hanging space for artwork on the wall ;) Not too much else has been done inside the house as we are still making plans and its been good to live in it a little to work out what we want but as Autumn comes I’m sure along with it… house projects and decorating jobs!

I’m slowly organising mountains of paper and old illustrations/work to start filling the studio and trying to clear stuff out of the house. I find it so hard to get rid of stuff. I’m currently reading Marie Kondo’s ‘The life changing magic of tidying,’ with the main concept of if the item sparks joy keep it, if it doesn’t bin it. It’s hard putting it into action.

I’ll be back next month with an update and hopefully lots of interior house progress and more pics!

                                                                           xxSignatureP.S Pics from left to right: Vision sketch of the studio before the renovation started, the studio exterior with most of the wooden cladding put up, a shelving unit in the studio (I hadn’t quite finished painting it but couldn’t help myself by starting to fill up the shelves!) Going through old sketchbooks as I stacked them. The words of our story…

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