Life lately…

Life latelyThings have been quite hectic lately. I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I’d like so I thought I’d check in with a little update of whats been going on. There’s been lots of drawing and work to keep me busy – I drafted a ‘confessions of an illustrator,’ post on the topic of feast and famine (something I very much experience with work) so I’m hoping to finish and post that soon. I’ve been updating my instagram a little more than normal with work snippets like the above.

I made a cushion with my circus pattern on! My dress is halfway through production too which is exciting! I also got my summer pattern printed onto some canvas type fabric that I want to make little make-up bag/pencil cases with, I haven’t had a chance to get going with the making yet but I’m looking forward to it.

I started a new personal illustration which is pen and ink on painted wood. It’s an illustrated bucket list and is three foot high so a fun piece to get stuck into and nice to work in monochrome.

A little trip to the V&A to see the ‘Shoes,’ exhibition and I was in love (as always) with the beautifully packaged coffee cup above and their carrier bags. I went with my mum (a big shoe fan!) and she was kind enough to buy me a book from the shop, an Amy De La Haye book illustrated by Emily Sutton, it’s so, so beautiful! I’ve been collecting more books lately and displaying them in my studio, it’s a new obsession and I love being able to see the gorgeous covers and having them visible, as they should be.

I’ve been working on a variety of illustrations lately in publishing and editorial. My current job is a very exciting and fun one, it’s still in mid stage so I won’t be able to share for a while but a few published jobs are out next month which I’ll post here. They include some travel maps for Waitrose Kitchen and an editorial illustration for BBC Good Food. I’ve also worked on a book spread for a children’s book which saw me drawing lots of intricate lines and details as the theme was buildings.

I’m feeling the drawing buzz lately and it’s nice to get stuck into a project whilst drinking coffee and listening to audiobooks. I’m excited about new opportunities and new illustrations to be made. Have you been working on anything creative lately?