January round up

January-roundupI must admit I’m fairly glad January is over. I didn’t really want to jump on the I-hate-January bandwagon but during the end of the month it kinda steered that way. It was a long month of not a lot going on and lots of planning, not much doing. The best thing about January was getting a puppy, lots of running (I did 12 runs in January, yay!) going to the Theatre twice and celebrating one of my best friends birthdays, you can see the portrait I drew of her here.

Boring talk…This month I also organised my finances which sounds pretty dull (which it was) but I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I really was quite disorganised on that front and it was all a bit out of control because of said disorganisation. As it was self assessment tax time I decided to give myself a bit of a finance overhaul. This resulted in lots of spreadsheets and lists and I feel like I’ve finally come up with a good system to enable me to see what money I have coming in and organise my outgoings in a more manageable way. I’m awful when it comes to numbers but spending a few days going through everything has felt really empowering and I feel soo much better! I think this will really help  me to keep on top of my saving goals this year too.

I’ve also been planning some exciting illustration projects which I’m hoping to be able to reveal soon once I put my plans into motion. I’m excited for this year but it feels a bit like it hasn’t really started yet. I’m hoping now it’s February things will start moving! I hope you’ve had a good first month of 2015!


December round up

December-roundupDecember has been a bit of a strange month. Not in a bad way but it’s just felt a little strange – a lack of normal routine and lots of celebrating (birthday and christmas outings) finishing up a large book project that I spent most of the year on and having a couple of weeks off work has left me feeling a bit in limbo. It’s that strange time between christmas and new year and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

Firstly I should probably mention Christmas, I had hoped to make a little post to wish you a merry one but all my blogging ideas went out the window this month. I do hope you had a nice Christmas though and you’re looking forward to New Year’s celebrations on Wednesday.

This month I’ve mostly been loving hot tea, crisp walks, winter runs, baking cookies, list/goal making and enjoying time with friends and family. Yesterday evening I printed out some of my favourite photo’s from 2014 and did a little recap of the year in my project life binder. I’ve been taking photo’s and journalling/recording them in my binder for the past year and it’s been really cool to look back and have a visual reminder of a great year. Is there anything special you do to record memories? I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you had a lovely December and you’re looking forward to a new month and a new year. I’m excited about the potential of a brand new year and all the adventures it may bring!

xx Signature

November round up & goals for December

November-roundupThis month has been busy! Filled with bread (of course), friends, walks, lots of drawing, Pilates (always), blankets and a very messy studio. I can’t believe it’s 1st December today! It feels like it’s officially the lead up to Christmas now and I can only imagine that this month is going to fly by. I wish time wouldn’t pass so quickly at the moment, I feel like I can’t catch my breath! It’s all good things though but sometimes you just need a time out. I’m dreaming of a holiday… Project life NovemberThis month I finished my bread baking challenge…I promise this is the last time I’ll mention it :) I baked the final breads which were Bishop’s bread, cheese straws, french toast (I cheated) and cornbread (it failed.) Overall I was happy that I managed to keep up the challenge and it was fun (and tasty) to work on.

There’s been lots of walks this month and I became obsessed with taking photo’s of trees. I also started a new activity this month – jogging! I went for my first run a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been adding a jog once a week into my exercise regime. I’ve been going with Brooke which has helped me get into it and given me the motivation as we arrange on the day our next jog.

This season is a busy one for me work wise and I’ve been fortunate to have been kept out of mischief this month with lots of lovely commissions. This week I finish the Running Press cookbook and illustrating it has been a labour of love – we worked out that it’s been nearly a year in the making (and that’s just the illustration/design side of things.) I also got to work on some editorial jobs this month which was nice. I worked with Super Yacht Life magazine on two double page spreads and a single spread where I got to draw tons of architecture (one of my favourite things to draw,) I did an editorial illustration for Boots Health & Beauty magazine – out next month! My usual illustrations for the February issue of Waitrose Kitchen. I worked on an invitation for a luxury handbag brand’s store opening, a large scale A2 personal piece for a previous client, did some illustrations for a book pitch for Penguin (dream client and such a FUN project!) and was contacted by a Braziliain publishers who wanted to publish my speculative cover ‘The diving bell and the butterfly,’ illustration as they’re releasing a new cover of the book (with the wording changed to Portuguese.) Phew, it really was a busy month!!Diving bell & the butterfly by Lindsey SpinksIn terms of goals I really wasn’t focused on them this month as I had so much on. They were always in the back of my mind but actually stressed me out more than did anything positive for me so I let them go this month. I did complete my goal of the bread baking challenge but I haven’t made a dent in my personal illustration projects and sketchbook keeping, perhaps December is the month for that?

Hope you had a good November and you’re excited for Christmas coming, it’s also my two brothers and my birthday this month so there’s going to be lots of festivities, yay!

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October round up & goals for November

October-roundupWow looking back on October it was mostly filled with food! Well, bread to be more specific. I became a bit of a crazy bread baking lunatic and I’m not going to lie, it was fun! My freezer is now stocked with bagels and cinnamon rolls galore. Here’s a little look back at October…It was a good month.

It marked a year of us having Elsie. That year went super fast but at the same time it kinda feels like we’ve had her forever. I couldn’t imagine her not being around. Here’s a pic of her a couple of weekends back in the kitchen whilst I was baking, what a sweetie.ElsieAll the bread baking kicked off when United States of Bread by Adrienne Kane was released mid-month and I decided to challenge myself to bake 8 loaves in 8 weeks. (It doesn’t sound like a lot, but to me – someone who has never baked bread before it feels a lot!) I’m halfway through the challenge, here’s a recap of the four loaves I’ve made so far.Breads I've baked so far...Here are the chapter opener illustrations from the book that I shared on the blog this month.Chapter openers from United States of Bread Read more

September round up & goals for October

September-roundupAutumn is in full swing ,the mornings are colder which isn’t so nice but the days have been warm & bright and the nights a little bit cosier. I love listening to podcasts and walking Elsie in this weather it feels refreshing and renewing. Today is the 1st of October so we’re in the last 3 months of the year! I’m actually starting to get excited for Christmas, which is unlike me I seem to be growing down :)

I hope you’ve had a lovely September…it always has that back to school vibe for me even though I haven’t studied for a long time now, anyone else? I like that though as it’s almost like a refresh button and a chance to recalibrate a bit. Am I talking nonsense? Anyway, here are a few of my favourite posts in September…

I visited Munich and went on my first pencil business trip with the team at Make Believe, a story telling agency. I drew live in a huge sketchbook and it was such a fun experience. You can see the post here.

I shared a list about the pro’s and con’s of working from home. I’m currently working on a very exciting new feature that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as part of this’ working from home’ series so stay tuned for that too! Here’s a clue: it involves some of my favourite illustrators!Healthy banana breadI was pretty chuffed with how my healthy vegan banana bread came out. I also revealed a bit more about my quest to get healthy here.

There were a few other illustration related posts so if you’re in the mood for a little read you can click here to see all of September’s posts.

Here’s what my goals were for September and how I got on:

1. Create a ‘healthier’ routine

I think I half achieved this one. I’ve had it in the back of my mind the whole of September but I wasn’t really pro-active in instigating actions. I did however start to make a chart listing the things I can do to improve my routine so I’m hoping to share my ideas once I’ve worked out a way to organise them.

2. Increase exercise and generally move more this month

Hooray! I nailed this one. I’m planning an update post on how my healthy regime is going so far so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled. (It may contain embarrassing exercise pics!)

3. Discover a new vegan recipe book or blog

I discovered a few new blogs this month with lots of yummy recipe inspiration. My favourites are Deliciously Ella and The Honour System. I also borrowed a vegan recipe book from the library by Aine Carlin, I’ve had a brief flick through but this month I’d like to make some meals from it. Aine also has a food blog called pea soup eats (cute!)

4. Plan my website & blog re-design

This didn’t happen. Boo! I thought about this goal and that was about it!

My goals for October are:

1. Take more photo’s

I didn’t pick up my camera much last month and I really want to improve my photography and focus on capturing more every day moments.

2. Go to a new exhibition or two

I want to spend some time away from my studio to re-fuel and get inspired!

3. Be more creative day to day

This is a pretty loose goal but this month I’d like to draw more, blog more, take more photo’s, work on my project life scrapbook, make some crafts, new recipes and just generally be more creative in daily life.

What are your goals for October?



August round up & goals for September

August-roundupGoodbye August, hello September! August is officially over which also means autumn is coming! Autumn and winter are usually my favourite seasons but this year I absolutely loved summer. I think where we live is perfect for when the sun shines and I enjoyed working outside a bit this year. I do love autumn colours though!

July went by in a bit of a blur but this month I seemed to be able to catch my breath and reflect as well as get things done. I juggled a lot of work this month and although it can be stressful at times when you have a lot on, I think I thrive during busy times and definitely feel most productive! I shared my second diary entry in part two of illustrating a cookbook, you can read it here if you like. This month I also shared a post about what I’m currently working on and some snaps from inside my studio on a Saturday when I was working. I had a portfolio meeting this month and wrote a little bit about how I prepared for it here. The best bit of writing that post was playing around with using my illustrations on top of a photo. This is something I want to do more of in the future, so fun! Talking of illustration did you see my post on my studio date with Andrea? Check it out to see some beautiful original artwork from my talented friend.

This month marked a year of living in the chalet and it was fun to document some before + after snaps of how it changed from being a pretty-much unused building to a fully functioning little home. I also documented a day in the life and shared some snippets from a typical monday in August and did a currently post of photo’s of things I got up to.

Here’s a recap of my goals for August and how they went down this month:

1. Start a new series on the blog

I half achieved this one. I tagged some posts with ‘turn that frown upside down’ and I spoke a bit about how to stop comparing yourself to others  and shared a list of 100 things to do when you feel uninspired . My aim was to start a series looking at negatives and turning them into positives like comparing yourself and feeling uninspired. I wrote a few more but I never posted them and instead shared a few more personal updates and posts. So maybe this blog will veer more towards that in the future I’m not sure.

2. Share a recipe or two on the blog

Yay! I achieved this goal. I shared two recipes this month, they were really…really simple but still fun to share and I’d like to post more in the future. I like styling the food and it’s opened up a new creative avenue that will be interesting to explore. If you missed them you can have a look here for halloumi & pomegranate summer salad recipe and here for roasted red pepper & chickpea salad.

3. Continue working on the garden

I achieved this too! Not quite to the extent that I’d hoped for but we built a little flower bed so now it’s just a case of filling it. It’s a shame I left this goal so late as now summer is pretty much over!Summer 2014Here are my goals for September:

1. Create a ‘healthier’ routine

Awhile ago I made a list of all the things I wanted to do to make my everyday routine healthier. It was things like getting up at the same time, having a lunch break, going for a walk that sort of thing. Really obvious sounding stuff but it really helped me to make good habits, some I’ve kept and others I haven’t. This month I want to get back into my healthy habits and focus on routine.

2. Increase exercise and generally move more this month

This goal goes hand in hand with the above goal. I want to up my exercise and I’ve just enrolled on a 10 week personal training program, which I start tomorrow! If I’m feeling brave I may document how it’s going on here.

3. Discover a new vegan recipe book or blog

In our small local library the vegan recipe books are really outdated so I would like to find a modern one that will inspire me to create some new plant based meals. Reading or flicking through recipe books is one of my favourite things to do.

4. Plan my website & blog re-design

I’m really excited about this one! :)

Hope you’ve had a fantastic month and are looking forward to the new month ahead! I love making goals for the upcoming month as it feels like a fresh start every month. Let’s hope September is a good one!



July roundup & goals for August

July-roundupJuly went by in a blur! I feel like I blinked and it was gone. It has been a good month though. July marks the second month of this blog and also a few firsts. I shared my first D.I.Y on the blog: How to make a simple post-it note calendar and enjoyed writing about how I manage my workload. I also created my first photoshop tutorial: How to design a repeat pattern with Photoshop.

There was a peek into my little home studio (Before + After!) This was so much fun to document & dig out the old photo’s of what the space looked like before. It was very beige & brown!

A little photo series documented our week in walks and I shared a few things I loved in July. I also shared a couple of snaps of visual merchandising that inspired me this month and some weekly snapshots which included pics from my favourite summer weekend so far.Waffle onI wrote about how it feels when you’re starting out on a creative career path & how it can often feel as though it comes easy to others but hard to you. I also wrote a new ‘waffle on’ post about rejection and how to try and view it in a positive light. I’ve been writing ‘waffle on posts’ every now and then to document my thoughts on working in a creative job and some of the obstacles I’ve personally faced and emotions and feelings I’ve felt during these times. You can read all of the posts here. If you do read them I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment by clicking leave a reply below and feel free to request other topics you would like to know more about or are interested in.

This month I shared some photographs of a few of my favourite past illustration workshops and some snaps of a fun workshop I did at Wood End School. I also created a post on my favourite illustration resources it mentioned the House of Illustration that I visited this month (I already want to go again!)

I started a new monthly 4-part series called Diary of illustrating a cookbook. You can read part one here I’m looking forward to sharing more about this project each month, I hope you’ll stop by to read!

Last but not least we celebrated my lovely sister Avie’s birthday  with a day in London, visiting Borough market, a lovely picnic by the river and going ‘Up at the O2,’ it was such a good day!

Here’s a little recap of my June goals and how I got on:

1.Plant some flowers, work on the garden outside the chalet (and maybe make a raised bed!) - Ok, this really didn’t happen. We made a teeny bit of progress though by taking some before pics, weeding, mowing the lawn (it already needs to be done again!) and planning the space. I now know what I would like to do with what we have it’s just a case of doing it.

2. Make a blurb book of summer recipes - I didn’t make a blurb book but I did go a step further and made my own recipe book which I shared here. It was  fun to make and I’m sure it’ll be just as fun to fill with tasty new meals. I’ve also started experimenting with my own recipe creations, there have been triumphs and fails.

3. Spend as much time outside as possible - The beginning of the month I felt like I was indoors a lot but it started getting too humid in the chalet so I worked quite a bit outdoors later in the month & went on some long walks so I’d say I achieved this goal :)Goals for AugustHere are a few goals I have for August:

1. Start a new series on the blog.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to share my own experiences while forging my career as an illustrator with all it’s ups and downs. I want to share things I’ve experienced in an honest but also positive way. I’ve planned a new series that I’m excited to share coming next month so I hope you’ll pop by to check it out.

2. Share a recipe or two on the blog.

I’m really passionate about food. Not as much as illustration but it’s pretty high up on my list. I like buying it, preparing it, cooking with it and eating it. I’d love to share a favourite recipe here so this is a goal for the coming month.

3. Continue working on the garden

This one is carried over from last month as I didn’t achieve it. August is the month for garden mini makeover!

I hope you’ve had a lovely month, do share if you have any of your own goals for August, I’d love to hear them! Thank you for reading along.



June roundup & goals for July

June roundup livelovedraw.com

June was a great month! I’m really pleased I started this little blog, it’s been a great creative outlet, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it so far. (If you’d like you can also follow along on bloglovin‘.)

Some of June’s personal highlights were enjoying a girly pamper day for my mum’s birthday and celebrating 10 years with Christophe. I shared some photo’s of my lovely pooch Elsie and lots of weekly snapshots including a location drawing afternoon at Regents Park. I also shared a few recipes from my fave cookbooks & websites on my weekly eats post.

Work-wise I completed a commission for Stella magazine and shared some behind the scenes pics of how the piece developed from pencil to publication. I continued working on my monthly Love-life food feature for Waitrose Kitchen magazine and finished working on a bread book for Running Press for Adrienne Kane’s new book. After drawing lots of delicious breads, I can’t wait to see the final book in September! I also started an exciting new book project that I’ll be working on until October that incorporates food + crafts = the perfect combination!

I got to do some teaching at a local school working with year 7’s on an illustration stylisation project, a portfolio session with year 12s and assisting them with their final projects on the human condition – I want to go back to art school! I’m excited about visiting Wood End Park Academy in July to work with the primary school pupils on a large art display based on beaches.

I wrote a series sharing some of my thoughts and experiences of starting out and working as an illustrator called Pencil Adventures. Some of the topics covered: how I got my first commission after graduating, how I got an illustration agenthow I approach working on an editorial commission and working from home.

Roundup JuneHere are a few little goals I have for July:

1. Plant some flowers, work on the garden outside the chalet (and maybe make a raised bed!)

I’ve wanted to work on the little garden area outside the chalet ever since the weathers improved, I love flowers but I’m a bit clueless and overwhelmed when it comes to proper gardening. If I tackle a small section I’m thinking I can build up to more gradually :)

2. Make a blurb book of summer recipes

I love food and cooking but I’ll go through stages where I’ll cook lots and then times when I eat rubbish convenience foods. In July I’d like to cook and prepare lots of healthy meals and document them in my own little book. I used blurb for the first time this month and was really pleased with the finished product (a photo book of Chris and I over the last 10 years.) I’ve been wanting to create my own recipes for a little while so this is the perfect excuse.

3. Spend as much time outside as possible

This one’s a straightforward one! Soak up the vitamin D baby!

I hope you’ve had a great month! What were your favourite moments of June? Do you have any goals for July? (If you’d like to share please click leave a reply above!)