Two years of Elsie

IMG_1788Yesterday marked two years since we first got Elsie. Last year I did a round up of photo’s so it only seemed right to do another post to celebrate her two year anniversary with us :) Yes I’m a crazy dog lady…
2 years of ElsieA few pics from the last two years. She’s such a special dog and true to her Staffie nature is very loyal and loves people.
Chris, Elsie & IWe love her to pieces, if you had already guessed :) Happy 2 year anniversary Elsie ;)Pet Portraits Elsie                                                                           xxSignature

Puppy sitting

Puppy loveOn Wednesday I shared a few photo’s from a winter’s day out when we took Elsie to the beach and today keeping with the doggy theme I thought I’d share a few pics I took whilst puppy sitting. Avie had txt me asking if I would mind puppy sitting for her work friends new dog, a little pup named Vada. I said yes, working from home it suited me plus this time of year is quiet for me so I really didn’t mind. Here are some photo’s of our day because they’re just too cute not to post. Happy Friday!Cute VadaVadaI’ve wanted to get a little friend for Elsie for awhile now (and of course after sitting Vada I really want a puppy now!) Elsie was really good with Vada letting her play with her toys, sleep in her bed and not minding all the attention/cuddles she was getting. Read more

A winters day at the beach

Golden ElsieToday I’m puppy sitting a 9 week old cocker spaniel (adorably cute & not helping my desire to get a puppy pal for Elsie!)…Also productivity out the window…see ya later! I’m feeling the puppy love at the moment so I thought it would be the perfect moment to share some pics of my pup that I took a couple of weeks ago after Avie and I decided to go for a little day trip to Southend on Sea. We filled the car with petrol grabbed some coffees and croissants and car snacks because, well every car journey needs car snacks (…if you’re asking us) and headed to the sea.

Seaside funWe took a ball for Elsie and walked along the sea front, ate hot chips, doughnuts and drunk coffee. The weather had started to get really chilly a few days before we decided to go so we made sure we wrapped up, it was so incredibly sunny though, a perfect winters day.Elsie's first time at the beach Read more

A year of Elsie…

First pic of Elsie This month marks a year since we adopted Elsie from the Dog’s trust. Above is the very first photo we took of her when we first met her. She had just had a litter of puppies and hadn’t been in there for long – about 4 weeks. She was friendly but a little wary and very aware of her surroundings. First pics of ElsieWe got to visit her a few times and fell in love with her instantly. She was described as the perfect dog on her little chart and I know I’m biased but she is an amazing dog. She was well cared for and already trained (she was 3 years old when we got her) but she wasn’t that well socialised with other dogs and initially insecure around them. That’s changed quite a bit now!Elsie last yearWe started training her as soon as we got her and for recall we practised on a long lead, above. We also took her to the Dog’s trust obedience classes (the Dog’s trust is awesome!) The classes helped build her confidence with other dogs.Elsie running and paddlingWe discovered her love of running. Boy does she love it! She never stops. She also likes wallowing in mud. Especially in the woods where she runs and runs then lays down in the muddy puddles and wallows like a little pig. She loves paddling but she doesn’t swim (yet!) Elsie selfieWe took a selfie! Read more

Our week in walks

Elsie behind gates Hope you’ve had a great week. The weather has been so warm! Chalet living has been hot, hot, hot! So hot in fact the other day the water in my glass bottle evaporated & smashed. I went to get the bottle which was still fully intact but in pieces! The good weather means good walks though and these are some snapshots from ours over the week… Monday walkTuesday walkWednesday walkThursday walkFriday walkSaturday walkSunday walk



Hi there! Meet Elsie! She’s a 3 year old staffie cross my boyfriend and I rescued from the Dog’s Trust in October last year. She had just given birth to a litter of 5 puppies and had been living in a bedsit with another dog.ElsieElsie2You may have seen on my about page that I used to work as a veterinary nurse (nearly 10 years ago now- that makes me feel very old!) I’ve always loved animals and after we moved and settled into the chalet we decided it was a good time for us to get a dog. After our first visit to the Dog’s Trust we saw Elsie. We fell in love with her and after going through the adoption process she came home with us a few weeks later.

Elsie-2We love her so much, she is such a good dog. I cherish our daily walking routine and love having her around when I’m on my own all day. It can be hard when you work from home and don’t necessarily have an incentive to leave the house. Elsie is my incentive! Do you struggle with leaving the house when working from home?



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