Illustrated product range with the Science Museum

lindsey-spinks-science-museumI’m thrilled to share this recent project I did with the Science Museum. I was commissioned to create a bespoke map of London for them featuring iconic London landmarks and of course the Science Museum. My favourite parts of the map are the little details: the jellied eels, the corgi and the teeny elephant & castle. The map adorns a whole host of products including an A3 print, mug, tea towel, tote bag, magnet, postcard and badges.    lindsey-spinks-mug-for-science-museumlindsey-spinks-bag-for-science-museumlindsey-spinks-badge-for-science-museumlindsey-spinks-for-science-museumI visited the Museum yesterday and I felt quite overwhelmed seeing my work in the museum shop with a little sign about me. I’ve always wanted to work on a range of products and having the Science Museum as my first step into merchandise is really exciting. Thank you so much to the Science Museum team for this opportunity :)


Studio Exterior Before + After

studio-sketch-afterI’m so excited that the studio is finished! The inside is still a work in progress in terms of organising so I thought I’d share some photos of the outside alongside some pics of how it looked when we first bough the house in July. (There will be pics to follow of the inside too so if you’re interested keep an eye out for that post.) The inside was the biggest transformation in terms of turning the space from a big shed into a work area so I’m excited to share those soon. Anyway back to the exterior…this is the before…studio-exterior-beforestudio-after-full…And the after! When we first moved in the studio was hidden behind a mound of greenery. Unfortunately a large area of the door and window were blocked so we had to dig up a tree and cut everything way back. (The above pic was when we viewed the house and the below was how much the garden grew in the time in took for us to buy it!) Digging up the tree turned out to be the best decision as there is so much light now and its nice looking out over the garden and seeing the Read more