Our first home, one month in

One month inA little update from where I last left off… Our offer had been accepted on the new house and as the above title suggests we moved into our first home just a month ago. What a huge learning curve and whirlwind being a first time home-owner is! We’ve started to slowly settle into the new house. When we first moved in it was overwhelming. As someone who wants everything to be done immediately I learnt rather quickly that’s not physically possible and to slow down a bit, breathe it in and try to enjoy the process. The house itself doesn’t need a lot of work per say but there’s a lot of things we would like to do to it cosmetically to make it feel our own.

In this first month we…

– Cooked our first meal in our new kitchen (Hemsley & Hemsley Feta and black bean burgers,yum!)

– Took weekly trips to the dump after clearing,cutting, weeding and mowing the garden. In the first day of gardening we ended up with 12 bin bags of rubbish plus two huge garden sacks full.

– Painted our bedroom and repainted our wardrobes, all hail Annie Sloan chalk paint! Our wardrobes are painted in Paris grey with grey rose knobs and we love them.

– Ripped off the wooden mantel to our fireplace to discover lots of broken bricks, slightly heartbroken but making plans for a fireplace makeover. I’m hoping we can keep some of the original brickwork.

– Added plants to our space. Even if everything is slightly chaotic having flowers or plants around makes my heart happy.

– Made proper plans for the new studio (eee!) It’s the thing I’m most excited about. It needs the electric re-wiring, insulating, plasterboard put up, the walls plastered and painted. We are also adding wooden slats to the front and painting the outside. There’s a lot to do! The work starts Friday and I can’t wait to see it transform into a little creative haven…



Illustrated wedding invitation details

Wedding detailsI’m always flattered to be asked to work on any wedding related illustrations. It’s such an honour to play a small part in a couples special day and help make it unique to them. It’s even better when they have a clear vision of what they would like but I get to add my own creative spin to the idea. I was really excited to work with Rachael and Alex on their invites. I haven’t shared the full design as it contains their personal details so these are just some snippets. I hope you like them.Illustrated map copy