Marathon training week 10 & 11

Haruki murakami quoteI didn’t post an update last week as I didn’t really take any pictures and I haven’t this week either. For training it wasn’t the most positive week although I learnt a lot. During my planned 16 mile long run on Saturday I had a real discomfort in my right knee at mile 7 – I persevered for another 4 and a half miles but in the end had to stop. I was part limping, part running so thought it best to rest up before I did any real damage. Missing chunks of running is really not good for confidence and it’s hard to know with all these niggles what is something to expect with training for a marathon and what is just discomfort that you have to work through. I decided to book another physio appointment at a sports clinic just to put my mind at ease and give me the opportunity to ask some questions. It was good because it gave me a moment to re-focus, the physio suggested going back to my old trainers (which is something that I’d been considering) so it was positive. My knee was feeling fine at this point (Tues) and I probably didn’t have to visit a physio but it did help to have a professional’s insight and help my peace of mind.

This week my legs have felt a bit heavy and tired but it’s been a really good week. I’ve been running every couple of days on the treadmill in the evening to get the miles in and Sunday I ran my furthest distance of 17 miles. It was a nice run after a slow start, my legs did well although my right leg was tender for a lot of the run but nothing too bad, so perhaps that’s a new normal for me. After the run I had a little cry haha, I don’t know if it was sheer relief of finishing or shock (…or the thought of having to run another 9.5 miles on top of that!) But it was happy tears. Sort of… this whole experience is very overwhelming!

I’m looking forward to this week – adding a few more miles on and keeping my legs moving. The marathon is so very close now! If you would like to sponsor me and help raise money for Children with Cancer UK please visit my page here. I’m very near my fundraising target which is super exciting and keeping me going during the more challenging moments!

Hope you have a good week!


Food & Pattern project Vol.3

March Food illoI’m enjoying working on this little challenge of creating a new food & pattern illustration each month. It’s quite a luxury to spend the month going back & forth tweaking the illustration in between client projects. Although I always enjoy working with small details and have an obsession with line I can be quite impulsive with my illustrations in terms of colour and design decisions. It’s my impatient nature I think! Working on commissions has the benefit of working under art direction so when i’m left to my own devices I feel I can rush my personal work somewhat. I’m trying to be more considered in this personal project so it’s been nice to take the time to experiment with compositions, new colours & snippets of pattern. If you’d like to see the previous months images you can click here.


Marathon training week 9

Marathon training week nineThis week has had its ups and downs. I had my usual Pilates session on Monday followed by a trial session at a running club on Tuesday. I wasn’t sure if I was doing an induction or a run and when I got there were two groups, one that was tapering off for a half marathon at the weekend and the other doing a speed session for marathon runners so I opted for that. It was good as speed sessions are something I haven’t done lots of. We did 5 laps of 5 minutes at a comfortably hard pace with a 2 minute break in between. My leg felt a bit sore after the third lap and by the next day it was quite tender. Other than that it was a good session but I felt disappointed that my leg was playing up. On Wednesday I did some Yoga at home and some foam rolling to try and stretch out my leg but on Thursday it still felt a bit tight. I set off for a run as my plan was to cover 6 miles. I lasted about 2 before I stopped as my leg was really sore as well as my instep. I ended up walking home from the run. It was tempting to carry on but I thought better of it as I really wanted to have my leg rested for my Saturday long run.

On Saturday I started out with my leg still feeling a bit tender. Armed with my homemade energy drink, a large handful of dates and a couple of Serial podcasts downloaded I set off. I wasn’t really ‘feeling,’ the run but had the mindset of just wanting to get it over with. I guess it’s inevitable that some runs will feel like this. I must admit the run itself wasn’t great. My left leg and foot felt very sore for most of the run but I managed to last the 15 miles so I was pleased by the end. At about mile 13 I had to run up a hill on route home, I put my music on and kept my head down and felt so proud to get up that hill and keep moving. It was a personal marker as I’ve taken on that hill before and struggled to keep running after it. This time I did and ran another 2 miles and it was actually fine. It shows me how far I’ve come with my fitness. It’s a strange thing marathon training as the markers of what you achieve are always being pushed forward. Running 15 miles is no easy feat but in my head I know I have another 11 to go so I am definitely not complacent.

My feet were not so pleased after my long run, I think I recall saying I was in a world of pain… A possible exaggeration but none the less I had a swollen left foot and a dent in confidence (again thinking of the miles to add on!) However today I’m excited again and ready for another week of training. My foot is feeling better and my attitude more positive. At the end of the day I know I will do it, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I want to embrace it and enjoy the day. Here’s to moving forward, 7 weeks to go!

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