Marathon training week three

Marathon training week threeI feel a bit of an impostor using the title marathon training as this week it really didn’t feel like I was in training for a marathon. It started with missing Pilates and a bad run on Monday evening. My plan was to do a 40 minute treadmill run and after 30 minutes I had to stop running after suffering with a very uncomfortable left calf. It has been niggling for most of my training but nothing that warranted me stopping or feeling too worried. After not being able to continue my run I decided to visit a physio and give running a miss for the few days leading up to my appointment on Thursday. On Wednesday I did a cardio core class at the gym instead of running, my leg felt fine and it was good to mix it up with the class. When I went to the physio he said I have tendonitis in my left calf, gave me some exercises and recommended heat and no running for 10 days(!) Read more

Marathon training week two

Marathon training plan week twoThe above pics from left to right: Beautiful sunset running, an obstacle on my Wed run, I saw sheep and frost on my long run Saturday.

Week two of marathon training is complete! This week has been hard (…for reasons un-related to running) but I managed to squeeze in all my training. The weather turned cold and I was lucky to get my long run done on Saturday morning before the snow hit. Saturday was a beautiful, cold and bright winters day. I ran through the woods and fields to a local park, around the park and back through the woods. I found the run hard to get started, challenging at the end and loved the middle. At the end my fingers were numb and my legs a bit stiff. Recovery included water, stretching, foam rolling and a Tribe protein bar. It was brilliant and by the next day I felt no after effects of my 8 mile run. Foam rollers for the win! Read more

Marathon training week one

Marathon training week oneThe first week of marathon training is complete! I thought I would try and share a weekly update about my training. If nothing else it will hopefully prevent me a bit from the constant worry of boring everyone around me to death about the whole thing ;)

The above pics from left to right: New trainers, flowers I saw on my 10k run through London, a late birthday gift from some friends, an afternoon snack of carrot, apple & ginger juice.

As well as easing myself into the first week of training, this week has also been about organising things for a fundraising event I’m hosting on January 23rd. Its the first event I’ve ever organised and I’m feeling nervous but excited. Here’s your invite :) … Read more

29 things to do before turning 30

29 things before 30A few Monday’s ago was my deadline (and also my birthday) of my goal list of 28 things to do before I’m 29. Last year was the first time I made a list like this and it was a really good incentive to do some of the smaller things I wanted to do but put off just through being a bit lazy. Writing it down definitely made me more accountable. It was really fun to refer to my list and tick off all the mini adventures of the year and even though some were small it still felt good to achieve them. I was going to do a final recap of last years but you can see halfway through here and see all the ones I completed on my initial list too. I didn’t tick off every goal (I knew I wouldn’t) but I still managed pretty well and I’m going to carry some of them over for this year.

Here’s what’s on my list of 29 things to do before I’m 30. Deadline 14th December 2016…

1. Keep a personal sketchbook.

2. Run the London Marathon.

3. Learn how to use my camera properly and develop my photography skills.

4. Buy a house.

5. Visit New York.

6. Organise a fundraising event.

7. Wear more colour.

8. Learn a new skill.

9. Continue to document everyday and special moments through the course of the year and print/display them in my project life binder.

10. Be more experimental with my work, try new things and develop my style.

11. Do one thing a month that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

12. Go for a walk at sunrise. Read more

A winters walk – Black Park

December 2015Chris and I have unintentionally started a new tradition in the last couple of years of going for a walk somewhere different on my birthday. I’m not sure if two years in a row counts as a tradition exactly but it feels like the start. Last year Chris and I took Elsie to Ashridge Estate with my mum and sister and walked round the woods with hot chocolate. There’s a few pics in this post. This year with Lilly in tow we headed to Black Park.
TreesThe girlsThe dogs loved it, of course chasing each other and running round in circles. Elsie couldn’t resist a mud bath to cool down after weaving through tree upon tree in pursuit of Lil. Let’s face it she’s never gonna out run our little whip-jack but she’s got the stamina to keep going!tree upon treeSitThe picture above makes me chuckle – it shows the two dogs personalities so well. Lil is busy looking for mischief/something to do/wondering what the camera is and Elsie has the look of pure adoration and wanting to please.
Elsie & INot so much in this one…I think she’s seeing what Lil is up to… SplashIt was nowhere near as chilly as last year but we did catch some raindrops on our departure. The weather has been really good for walking but it seems to be turning cold now, time to wrap up!