Happy 1st birthday Lilly pup

Inquisitive pupThis post is a month overdue (naughty me!) but I still wanted to post it so I can look back and remember when our little pup had her first birthday. (26th October in case you were wondering…)SnugglesLil & monkeyLil now has a year of puppyhood under her belt and she’s very much in her adolescent stage. Cue, being a little terror! If I had to pick three words to describe Lil they would be cheeky, mischievous and inquisitive. I can’t help but smile at her playfulness and sheer determination (…to do her own thing!) It was trying at first but you have to respect her tenacity (and she does have jack russell in her.)Lil in the snowHer cheekiness is actually something I love about her and she has the loveliest nature… a bit clueless (at times!) very friendly and completely full of beans. It’s hard to wear this dog out! On a recent run through the woods, fields, around the park (where she played with lots of dogs) and back around we met a couple with a mastiff and they beamed at me ‘doesn’t she have a lot of energy!’ This was at the end of our double digit mile run!Me & LilIn terms of training we still have a way to go but she’s come on really well. In my naivety of getting a puppy I thought a 6 week training course sounded great. 10 months later and I’ve come to the realisation that the training is something that never stops and having two dogs makes it even more important. We still take both dogs every Sunday to an outdoors training club and it’s become a part of our weekly routine. Lil has got so much better with cars and now looks at me when she feels frightened by a loud car (as opposed to trying to bite and chase after it) She’s learning to control her excitement a bit and I can mostly get her attention back when she gets very excited (this can be tricky as she’s a barker!) It’s still something I need to keep working on as this is the trigger for Elsie to feel anxious…it’s all fun and games! Lil is amazing at retrieving, we have a prey dummy that you fill with food and hide and she goes off and finds it bringing it back for the food reward. She loves her food which is good when it comes to training without it I think we’d be in trouble!

Happy 1st birthday Lilly. You are the cheekiest, loveliest little pup :)


Tyler Oakley illustration

Tyler Oakley illustrationHello! I hope you are having a great week so far! It feels as though I may blow away from my studio in the chalet today, the wind is so loud and the rain doesn’t want to give in. I’m off for a 10k run in it shortly too, oh dear! Today I wanted to stop by and share an illustration I did of the youtube sensation Tyler Oakley. The illustration was created to be used as a pitch for a publisher for Tyler’s first book. Unfortunately it wasn’t used in the end but I really enjoyed working on it and I especially love the colour of Tyler’s hair so this inspired other snippets of colour within the illustration. I hope you like it!


Wedding invite

Wedding inviteI recently finished this wedding commission and it was such a lovely one to work on. The brief was to take little elements from the wedding and incorporate it into a scene for the wedding invite. The colours navy, crimson and white are the wedding colours. The wedding sounds like a dream and features teepees, a camping area with fire pit’s, a drinks truck, photo booth and the couple are getting married under a big tree by a lake.

I was given a lot of creative freedom with this and after seeing the words they chose to use I decided to go for a moonlit, night time theme. I’m still working on a few added extra’s to go with the invite and I’ll be adding this to my etsy shop as a new listing when it’s done. I would love to work on more wedding commissions so please get in touch if you’re interested :)

I’m leaving to go Switzerland today to do some live drawing which should be really fun! I hope you’re having a good start to the week.

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