New York art print

New York art printHello, I hope you’re having a great week, hooray for the weekend! I wanted to stop by and mention that I have a new art print up for sale in my Etsy shop.

I created the illustration originally by sketching all the elements with my beloved mechanical pencil and then scanned them into photoshop to add colour and texture digitally. The print is available as an A4 high quality digital print and is £15 (plus p+p) perfect for any New York lovers out there :)


I’m running the London Marathon 2016!

Bupa 10kI’ll be running for Children with Cancer UK the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

This is going to be my first marathon so I’m really excited (and nervous!) After completing the St Albans half marathon in June this year I knew I’d love to run a full marathon at some point…well, it’s now or never!

I wrote about my half marathon experience here and although the event was overall a positive experience I did find it very challenging! I think the experience of the half has given me a greater insight into how I’m going to tackle this new challenge and training is going to be key (obviously…)Colour runCurrently…

– Running once or twice a week, shorter runs with friends.

– Pilates once a week.

– Training for a Christmas 10k with my best friend that is a month away now.

…So as you can see, there’s a lot to be done! I’m planning on working towards running every other day for the next few months to start building running back into my routine and then starting a proper training programme in the time leading up to the marathon.

I’ll be blogging about my training, nutrition, fundraising and everything in between so I hope you’ll join me in this journey :) I’ve also recently set up a Virgin money giving page where you can donate and find out more about how your money can help Children with Cancer so please take a look if you have the time. Thank you.


An Autumn in New York

An Autumn in NYAutumn seems to be everyone’s favourite month and I must admit I always think Winters the one for me but having said that Autumn is stealing my heart this year. The beautiful changing colours of the leaves, the crisp air with bright sunshine, the need to wear fluffy socks in the house…I created the above Autumnal scene for an image for my artist reps in New York  Mendola’s annual calendar.  Below are a couple of the roughs for the image too that I thought you might like to see to show a bit of my process.An Autumn roughsI hope you like them and that you are enjoying a lovely Autumn too!


Live illustrating

Thrive1Yesterday I was invited to illustrate at a conference for housing company Thrive. The theme was positive resilient people. I thought about the concept of what makes someone a ‘positive resilient person,’ combining this with the company’s core values I came up with a recipe idea.Thrive2There was lots of things going on during the conference including a time where everyone was split into groups to discuss how they were key members of the company and how their individual roles work on their own and as part of the group. The things that came up in these smaller groups were really interesting so I illustrated these as part of the packaging within the illustration.Thrive3The final artwork is going to be displayed in Thrive’s offices so I wanted it to work visually but also be a celebration of everyone and everything that makes Thrive work. This is why I created a celebration cake as the main element of the piece. It was really fun spending the day drawing at the conference so a big thank you to Thrive for having me.


Inktober drawings week one

Inktober day 7Inktober day 3candleIt’s been really fun to get involved with Inktober this month and create one new ink drawing each day. I decided to go for simple, quick drawing studies using ink pens and focus on varying line quality and little details. I haven’t been planning what I want to draw each day but instead have been drawing whatever I feel like that day which is really freeing. It feels indulgent to draw for the sake of drawing and it really has inspired me. I’ve been using the hashtag #inktober on instagram and it’s fun seeing everyone’s different styles and seeing new ink everyday. Above are a few of my drawings from week one, you can see daily posts on my instagram if you’d like to keep up to date. I’ve had a few ideas of what I’d like to do with my drawings once the challenge is over so watch this space! Please let me know if you’re doing inktober too.


Two years of Elsie

IMG_1788Yesterday marked two years since we first got Elsie. Last year I did a round up of photo’s so it only seemed right to do another post to celebrate her two year anniversary with us :) Yes I’m a crazy dog lady…
2 years of ElsieA few pics from the last two years. She’s such a special dog and true to her Staffie nature is very loyal and loves people.
Chris, Elsie & IWe love her to pieces, if you had already guessed :) Happy 2 year anniversary Elsie ;)Pet Portraits Elsie                                                                           xxSignature


InktoberHello I just wanted to pop by and mention that I’m doing Inktober this year! I was inspired after seeing Anke Weckmann‘s first drawing on instagram. I’ve been feeling a bit de-motivated lately so a drawing challenge is just what I need (I hope!) I wasn’t planning on doing it so fingers crossed I can keep up with one ink drawing a day for the 31 days of October! I’ll be posting pics to my instagram and Facebook so check in on them if you’d like to see my drawings and I’ll probably post a weekly round up here too. Please let me know if you’re doing it too! :)Inktober floral                                                                            xxSignature