Pupdate – 6 months of Lil

Elsie & Lilly pupI can’t quite believe we’ve had Lil six months, it actually feels a lot longer, like we’ve always had her…I don’t know if that’s good or bad! The above pic is from the first week we had her, awww she was so teeny! She’s now 9 months so she’s still a little un’ but boy is she naughty cheeky! ;)six months with LilShe’s quite the character! At this stage of her puppyhood she loves everybody (especially men!) is besotted with Elsie – although she is always biting her cheeks to play! She chases cars & tries to bite them! We’re working on this one… is very clever with training and has just started to calm down a bit with it.6 months of LilShe’s a noisy one & barks at other dogs and people until she can say hello. She loves jumping (has springs in her paws!) paddling, tummy tickles, sleeping between our legs and resting her head on our knees, running, chewing, chewing and chewing!
The girlsThe dogs together are so entertaining! There’s lots of playtime which involves sharing toys and chasing each other. It’s funny when Lil has a ball or toy Elsie chases her and you can see if Elsie really wanted to she’d bowl her over and steal the toy quite easily but she often lets Lil win, bless her! She definitely treats her like her own pup and we were lucky that from the start they formed such a cute bond.Lil sunbathingLil loves being outdoors and especially sunbathing. She lies in the sun for a bit, gets hot and then shade bathes before going back into the sun. I’ve read whippets can be couch potatoes and a bit lazy at home and then when they’re out they go zooming round. With Lil being a jack russell whippet cross we haven’t experienced a lot of the slowing down bit, she’s always busy doing something, looking for mischief and keeping herself, Elsie or us entertained with her antics! It’s not always easy having a puppy but things feel like they’re slotting into place a bit now and we’re used to this crazy jumping bean and love her to bits!


It’s in the little things Vol.1

little pleasuresI thought I would start a new series on the blog to help me capture and document the little things in life that can go by unnoticed. Things have been a little quiet over here lately but I’m hoping to find my momentum with blogging again and post a bit more frequently. I love being able to document the big and small moments of life over here. These are a few of the little things I’ve been loving lately…

1. Anthropology Grapefruit & Cilantro soy candle

I bought this candle a little while ago on an impulse whilst ‘window shopping,’ after a meeting in London. The minute I smelt it I had to buy it, it’s such a fresh fragrance and definitely more of a morning scent as it’s so invigorating. I convinced myself I would put it on my desk and light it in while I sip my morning coffee and get ready for work. A ‘work,’ candle if you will. What a stupid concept but my studio smells great :)

2. Lemon & lime infused water

In a bid to make the clear stuff a bit more interesting I’ve been making all sorts of concoctions to encourage the H20 habit. I love adding lemon and lime, fresh mint, cucumber and strawberries to my water. While I write this I’m currently drinking a yummy mix of frozen watermelon blended with coconut water, it tastes so good!

3. ‘A Lion in Paris,’ by Beatrice Alemangna

Such a beautiful, beautiful book! I first discovered this book when I was in Paris last year and it is simply the sweetest book. The illustrations are just perfect.

4. Printing out my photo’s from the Peak District for my project life binder

I’m still obsessed with project life as I love that it provides me with a visual record of memories. It’s really fun to look back on and see what was happening this time last year.

What are the little things that have made you happy this week?




Halfway through my 28 things to do before 29 list!

28 before 29 recapAs the title suggests as we’re already halfway through the year I thought I’d do a little update post on how I’ve been getting on with my 28 things to do before I’m 29 list. You can click here to see the full list but for now I’ll share the ones I’ve completed so far. Some of them are ongoing throughout the year so they’ll be in my final update.

The ones I’ve completed…Elsie beachTake Elsie to the beach. Avie and I took Elsie to the beach for the first time in January this year you can see the full post here.BUPA 10KTrain and take part in a 10k charity run & raise money for charity. I killed two birds with one stone by taking part in the London Bupa 10k run to raise money for Chrohns & Colitis UK. The full post is here. This also encouraged me to run a half marathon!Peak DistrictTake a trip. I visited the Peak District recently and it was such a lovely break from the norm. I made a blog post about what we got up to you, you can see it here.Weekend awayGo on a weekend away with Christophe. I don’t think this one fully counts as it wasn’t just us two but we did go on a weekend break with Chris’ family to the New Forest which was lots of fun and that salted caramel ice cream was amazing. Chris dropped his first one after a naughty pup (Lilly!) pulled on the lead!

Some of the other things I’ve ticked are: Start an inspiration scrapbook or vision board dedicated to health, fitness & wellbeing. (this is currently a cork board with lots of bits stuck to it so I’m hoping to make it a bit more ‘inspiring,’ and then I might take a photo or two.) Build an indoor fort with cushions to drink wine in with Christophe. We did this for our 11 year anniversary! It was so much fun, we bought a bottle of red wine and watched crime films. I think we’re definitely going to be doing this again as it was fun to feel like big kids and it was super comfy! Buy more art prints for my studio. Done. I picked up quite a few at Renegade and I’ve also given my studio a bit of a spring clean where I have displayed my favourite book covers along my windowsill as most of them are works of art in the own right. Go to the theatre to see ‘Cats,’ with Scarlett. We had a nostalgic night at the beginning of the year seeing Cats and having a sing song to our favourite old tunes from childhood. It was cringey and amazing. Buy some boxing gloves. I got some for Christmas. Thanks Debs! Go to a ballet class. I went with Avie as she goes to a weekly class. It was really good and I can imagine after doing it for awhile you can really see results but for me I think it was a bit too slow paced.

So there we have it. Phew! Have you started your own list? Please share below in the comments if you have one or are thinking of starting one! I’ve found it really motivating so far!


A long weekend in the Peak District

The Peak DistrictLast weekend me and a couple of friends escaped (for them) the busy-ness of London and for me replacing my home in the countryside with a new countryside and we travelled to the Peak District. The Peak District has been on my list of places to visit after I saw some stunning photo’s and it was every bit as open, green and beautiful as I imagined. We stayed in a little cottage (with airbnb) just outside the peaks in a lovely village called Honley. We arrived early evening Saturday and after having some drinks at a local pub we settled into our cottage for a chilled evening to plan our adventures for the next few days. Our first stop on Sunday was Holmfirth where we visited an art market, antiques shop, did some charity shop shopping and stopped for coffee and cake. We then drove to Marsden Moor for some walking and breath taking views.National Trust Marsden MoorOn a rockOn Monday we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’d visited once before on a college trip a long time ago and couldn’t remember much. I’m so glad we went! There was a Rob Ryan exhibition on which was beautiful and sentimental (and hugely inspiring!) as all his work is. We also looked at Henry Moore’s work: his sculptures and drawings. I don’t really connect with his work but after seeing it in person and watching a video about it it was interesting to see how ahead of his time he was and how he seemed so inspired by life around him. There was a video clip of him beginning a sculpture from rock and the sheer physicality of transforming this rock into a piece of art was impressive. It gave me a new perspective and admiration for his work. We liked the sheep too! :)YSPWe were leaving on Tuesday so we decided to use the day to do a bit of a road trip with lots of pit stops to break up the long drive home. It was a really good decision and we got to see so many beautiful sights. We headed from Honley to Bamford Edge stopping when we could to take photo’s and admire the views. Peak District viewsI would happily visit the Peak District again (Chris & I did try to arrange a weekend away for our anniversary where we could take the dogs but we were a bit disorganised! We did however make an indoor fort to drink wine in) I think it would be nice to go here around Christmas time and stay in a cute cottage and go on lovely winter walks. For us, we were lucky to have beautiful blue skies, glittering water and a blanket of various greens to traipse over and it was gorgeous!Blue skiesOur little weekend away came as the heatwave hit England, yay, summer is here!