Herz Über Kopf book cover illustrations

TeacupA couple of weeks ago it was publication day in Germany for Jo Platt’s book ‘Herz uber Kopf.’ I worked with German publishers Rowohlt to create the book cover artwork for the title. The brief was to create a cover with an emphasis on type with small illustrations from elements of the story surrounding the type. Book coverI created a few additional illustrations for the back cover, side flaps and some for advertising purposes. I also spotted this little video where my illustrations have been animated.Germany book displayWelliesSuch a fun project! I received a copy in the post today that Jo kindly sent me and I love how it’s been produced – printed onto beautiful textured paper with the illustrations and type raised with a glossy finish (I’m not sure of the technical term!?) I also got sent the above photo by Anke where she spotted a couple of displays in some German bookstores. It was lovely of her to take the time to snap the pics and send to me and great to see the work in situ! Little detailsI’m really excited to be working with Rowohlt again on a new title by Jo Platt – I’m working on sketches and ideas at the moment and I can’t wait to get stuck into the illustrating process! I hope you’re having a good week and enjoying some sunshine wherever you are :)


My first half marathon experience!

Half marathonFootsteps quoteOn Sunday I completed my first half marathon! You may have seen my previous post about my training (I was meant to add monthly updates along the way but never did, oops!) I really enjoyed the training although I felt my enthusiasm slide near the end due to an injury that was niggling me for a couple of months and on one of my longer runs it really came out and later that day it hurt to walk so I rested and iced it. I took a couple of weeks off running with only a few short recovery runs during that time to rest my injury before the half. My nerves subsided on race day and I was excited to get going.Running to the endI found the race itself very challenging. The rolling hills really took it out of me and challenged my fitness. I did some hill running during my training but if I was to do the St Albans Half Marathon again I would do way more! We started in our estimated finishing time slots so I tried to keep pace with the runners I started with but after the first big hill I struggled to keep up. At mile 8 my injury to my left leg showed up but it was manageable. At mile 10 my right knee started to really hurt and I think because of my left side issues I may have been overcompensating somehow and combined with the downhill parts of the race my knees took a battering. I paced myself and had to slow down at some points as I was worried about doing further damage to my knee, at one point it felt like it might pop out it’s socket. (This is probably a huge over exaggeration but at the time it was painful and all I could think about!)The last few miles were definitely more of a push through the pain then enjoy the run and I decided I didn’t care how long it took me I just wanted to finish it and keep running. I was surprised when I looked down at my watch to find I was well on track to finishing in my desired time. This really spurred me on in the last few miles. As I was nearing the finish line I heard ‘Go Lindsey!’ from my sister, I couldn’t see her but I felt overwhelmed with emotion and nearly started crying then and there – oh the embarrassment! I looked up at the clock and I’d done it under my desired time in a time of 2 hours 24 minutes (I’d hoped for 2:30) I was so happy and genuinely surprised! At the time I was thinking that would be my last half however now I think about it I’d love to try an easier and flatter route, maybe just for fun rather than signing up for another race, we’ll see…FinisherOn my running playlist one of the songs I ran to in my training runs was by Sweet baby may – ‘Blank space,’ and the lyrics ‘You can tell me when it’s over, was the high worth the pain?’ My answer? a million times yes. This time last year I couldn’t run one mile let alone 13! I’m so pleased (but honestly mostly relieved) that I ran a half marathon. Hopefully it’s set me up for a full marathon in the very near future. For now I’m on a little running break so I’m looking for a new obsession… I might try hot yoga, has anyone done it? Have you done a half marathon before?


The Colour run 2015

Color run 2015Yesterday was the Colour run at Wembley. Known as the happiest 5k on the planet, it really was good fun. The weather was beautiful in London and the atmosphere was lively but laid back. We even saw a dog on the course!Color runThe photo above makes me laugh, this was at the end where there’s music and countdowns to more paint being thrown in the air creating colour bombs dispersing up into the clouds. I’m not quite sure what my arms are doing! Color run WembleyIt was my second time doing the colour run after doing it back in 2013 and it probably won’t be my last. I do think once you’ve done it once you don’t really need to do it again but it’s fun and something different to do on a summers day in London so why not.Pink runnersI hope you had a lovely weekend whatever you were up to.


A few more illustrations from The Family Calendar Cookbook

Watermelon goats cheese saladI have a bit of a food theme going on in this weeks posts, but why not…food is glorious! Here are some more illustrations that can be found in Kelsey Banfield’s ‘The Family Calendar Cookbook.’
CrumbleThese illustrations accompany recipes for a goats cheese and watermelon salad, berry crisp, strawberry yoghurt cup and bloody mary.Yoghurt cupIt looks like the sun is coming out in London today! :)bloody mary                                                                            xx