December round up

December-roundupDecember has been a bit of a strange month. Not in a bad way but it’s just felt a little strange – a lack of normal routine and lots of celebrating (birthday and christmas outings) finishing up a large book project that I spent most of the year on and having a couple of weeks off work has left me feeling a bit in limbo. It’s that strange time between christmas and new year and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

Firstly I should probably mention Christmas, I had hoped to make a little post to wish you a merry one but all my blogging ideas went out the window this month. I do hope you had a nice Christmas though and you’re looking forward to New Year’s celebrations on Wednesday.

This month I’ve mostly been loving hot tea, crisp walks, winter runs, baking cookies, list/goal making and enjoying time with friends and family. Yesterday evening I printed out some of my favourite photo’s from 2014 and did a little recap of the year in my project life binder. I’ve been taking photo’s and journalling/recording them in my binder for the past year and it’s been really cool to look back and have a visual reminder of a great year. Is there anything special you do to record memories? I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you had a lovely December and you’re looking forward to a new month and a new year. I’m excited about the potential of a brand new year and all the adventures it may bring!

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Weekly snapshots

Christmas tableHere are some photo’s from the last week or so. It’s getting pretty festive up in here so be warned :)
Making-xmas-decorationsThis year I made quite a few christmas presents and christmas treats. Above are some salt dough star decorations I made for gifts, I painted them white and covered them in glitter and hung them from silver ribbon. I’ve also made crackle cookies (they’re really easy and look really pretty so would be great for gift giving!) chocolate truffles, a gingerbread house (still needs finishing!) and gingerbread cookies with white chocolate.    Winter sunsetMe & Chris are planning a little faux christmas dinner together on Tuesday evening and on the way back from the supermarket we saw the most incredible sunset. The colours are insane!Elsie in the parkYesterday I went for my weekly run (which will soon be by increased by 3 times a week, more on that soon!) I’ve been running near where I live by a lake and through fields, it’s really pretty and open and Elsie always comes with me running alongside or in front. At the end of my run I end up by a park area and do some stretches, above is a pic of Elsie waiting for me to stretch… just chilling :)TwinkleA few sneaky peeks of my homemade mason jar gifts – you can see the finished silver star decorations and a pack of homemade gift vouchers. Homemade pressiesThis week was full of friends, sister time, food and drinks. I hosted a dinner party, went boxing then had a wine night with Scarlett (we stayed up chatting till 2am drinking red wine and eating chocolate, naughty!) And went to London with my friend Andrea on Thursday. We went to Covent Garden and had coffee and looked at the decorations (always a must see at Christmas time) although we nearly missed the GIANT baubles ;) Covent Garden at XmasAfter consuming a huge lunch (with the biggest nachos I’ve ever seen) we decided to walk to Leicester Square and ended up at the Cork & Bottle drinking delicious prosecco. If you like wine this place has over 300 wines available, it’s unique and really cozy, although the toilets are maybe too cozy but they come with sentimental graffiti so it’s swings and roundabouts :)Drinks at the Cork and BottleToday I’m planning on going for a long walk with Elsie, god knows I need it after the indulgence of this week, it’s been so fun though and hey if you can’t do it at Christmas when can you do it? Hope you have a good one!


Weekly snapshots

Christophe&ISome snapshots from the last week or so… On Friday Christophe and I headed to London for a festive day out to celebrate my birthday a couple of days early. We went to Liberty’s, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Hamley’s. All places we haven’t visited for years! I loved looking at the christmas window displays. My favourites were Fortnum & Mason’s (below) and Anthropologie’s where there was a giant handmade robin in the window, so beautiful! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good snap of that.
Fortnum & Mason windowIt was nice to pop inside the stores, have a look at all the twinkling lights and christmas decorations and hear the christmas tunes playing.Fortnum & MasonIn the evening we headed to the Electric cinema in Shoreditch to see St Vincent (such an adorable film!) We got there early and had a cocktail first, I had a delicious moscow mule and Chris had a beer.
Moscow mulesThe cinema itself was cute and cozy with armchairs and little tables, they provided cashmere blankets, cushions and even came around offering quality streets before the film. My kind of cinema.CheersSaturday we had a few local drinks and on the Sunday (my actual birthday) we had a really chilled family day. We took Elsie to Ashridge Estate a National Trust park where we saw reindeer (yay!) and walked around sipping hot chocolate. It’s gorgeous there. In the evening we had burgers at Gourmet burger kitchen (best onion rings!)Ashridge walkIt was such a lovely few days spent with my favourite people :)



Creating an illustrated fabric – goal update!

Circus fabric patternHello! Hope you’re having a good week so far! Mine has been a quiet one this week as I wrapped up the cookbook with Running Press Monday evening and all my other projects have been completed. It’s been nice to have a much needed break, however after a day or so I’m ready to get back on the drawing game. This illustrator business is a funny old thing.Create an illustrated fabric mock upHaving a break has given me time to concentrate on some of the personal projects I vowed to complete by the end of this year (and have only just got back to, oops!) But I made a little progress on my goal of creating an illustrated fabric. I thought I’d share how I’ve got on so far with this goal. Above you can see a pattern I created for my fabric. I wanted something fun with light colours that I could create a dress with that could be worn during the day or dressed up a little for a quirky evening outfit. You can also see a little mock up of how the dress could look once it’s made. I probably wouldn’t have long sleeves though but I’d love to add a collar detail and cuffs.Entrance to the circusNow that I’ve designed the fabric I’ve ordered a test swatch to see how the design looks when printed onto fabric. I can’t wait to see it! Once I’ve checked the swatch I’m going to order a roll of fabric and start sewing the dress. I think it would be nice to have pink stitching :)


Okapi illustrated invites

Okapi inviteI recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Okapi, a luxury handbag and accessories brand. I was asked to create an illustration for an invitation inviting their customers to join them at their newly opened Walton Street store for champagne, canapés and christmas shopping. It was such a lovely commission to work on and something a little different which was nice. I received one of their invites in the post and it’s printed beautifully onto gold rimmed thick card stock with little gold embossed details.


Weekly snapshots

Elsie in December 2014I haven’t done a weekly snapshot post in a while. I want to get back into the habit of documenting everyday moments. Here are some snapshots from the last week… Be in love with the detailsI’ve started a tradition of making our bed seasonal. In the autumn we had a wine coloured stag bed sheet with fluffy blanket and now it’s winter we got this penguin and icy mint pillow and snowflakes bed sheet. Little details like this make me happy. I got the downloadable quote above from Elise’s blog.CuttingThese are some cuttings from the personal commission I shared on Wednesday.
christmas tree 2014There’s been a constant stock of mince pies in our kitchen lately (and with two christmas parties this week) I made sure to fit in a run. I didn’t get to go with Brooke this week as our work schedules clashed so I went on my own with Elsie running alongside as usual. It felt harder running on my own as there’s less distractions and I find it a bit more tedious. I thought I would stop and rest which I didn’t so I was really pleased with myself. I’m starting off slowly with the running thing and doing one run a week for 20 minutes give or take, it’s about 3 km each time. I’m looking forward to gradually increasing my time and distance and in the new year I’m planning to start running twice weekly.
Winter runTonight is Chris’ xmas work do which I’m looking forward to and a relaxed weekend getting Christmas presents together and staying cozy. Hope you’re having a good week, are you getting into the festive spirit of things?




New illustration – personal commission

Hot air balloon artwork by Lindsey SpinksHere’s an illustration I recently created for a personal commission for a previous client. It’s an A2 illustration for her niece who is having a naming ceremony this month. The names represent all the family and people in her life and the lion cub represents her star sign Leo. It was a fun piece to work on although challenging because of it’s size. I worked to scale drawing the hot air balloon and the names straight onto A2 card and then cutting them out individually and scanning them in. (Click image to enlarge)



November round up & goals for December

November-roundupThis month has been busy! Filled with bread (of course), friends, walks, lots of drawing, Pilates (always), blankets and a very messy studio. I can’t believe it’s 1st December today! It feels like it’s officially the lead up to Christmas now and I can only imagine that this month is going to fly by. I wish time wouldn’t pass so quickly at the moment, I feel like I can’t catch my breath! It’s all good things though but sometimes you just need a time out. I’m dreaming of a holiday… Project life NovemberThis month I finished my bread baking challenge…I promise this is the last time I’ll mention it :) I baked the final breads which were Bishop’s bread, cheese straws, french toast (I cheated) and cornbread (it failed.) Overall I was happy that I managed to keep up the challenge and it was fun (and tasty) to work on.

There’s been lots of walks this month and I became obsessed with taking photo’s of trees. I also started a new activity this month – jogging! I went for my first run a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been adding a jog once a week into my exercise regime. I’ve been going with Brooke which has helped me get into it and given me the motivation as we arrange on the day our next jog.

This season is a busy one for me work wise and I’ve been fortunate to have been kept out of mischief this month with lots of lovely commissions. This week I finish the Running Press cookbook and illustrating it has been a labour of love – we worked out that it’s been nearly a year in the making (and that’s just the illustration/design side of things.) I also got to work on some editorial jobs this month which was nice. I worked with Super Yacht Life magazine on two double page spreads and a single spread where I got to draw tons of architecture (one of my favourite things to draw,) I did an editorial illustration for Boots Health & Beauty magazine – out next month! My usual illustrations for the February issue of Waitrose Kitchen. I worked on an invitation for a luxury handbag brand’s store opening, a large scale A2 personal piece for a previous client, did some illustrations for a book pitch for Penguin (dream client and such a FUN project!) and was contacted by a Braziliain publishers who wanted to publish my speculative cover ‘The diving bell and the butterfly,’ illustration as they’re releasing a new cover of the book (with the wording changed to Portuguese.) Phew, it really was a busy month!!Diving bell & the butterfly by Lindsey SpinksIn terms of goals I really wasn’t focused on them this month as I had so much on. They were always in the back of my mind but actually stressed me out more than did anything positive for me so I let them go this month. I did complete my goal of the bread baking challenge but I haven’t made a dent in my personal illustration projects and sketchbook keeping, perhaps December is the month for that?

Hope you had a good November and you’re excited for Christmas coming, it’s also my two brothers and my birthday this month so there’s going to be lots of festivities, yay!

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